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In this world, we are all aware that to achieve any target there are two ways. A Legal, safe and lengthy way and an illegal or often shortcuts to success. Same goes with online industry or search engines. SEO Techniques are classified into 3 main broad categories by the Industry experts based on standards. They are know as White hat SEO, Black hat SEO and Grey hat SEO. The naming is derived from ancient western movies where heroes used to wear white hats and villains were given black ones. In this Blog, we have the difference between White hat vs Black Hat vs Grey Hat SEO Techniques and which one to prefer and which one not to.

What is White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO as is understood by the name stands for the techniques used by Hero. And as per standards heroes only follow legal and ethical ways. In Search engine terms when we follow the search engine guidelines to optimize a site, we term it as White Hat SEO. If you need to protect your brand reputation, increase your domain authority, get more traffic over time you have to be sticked to White Hat SEO Only. Such a strategy follows the 3 criteria’s below:-

  1. It Follows search engine’s guidelines:- Google and other search engines have certain guidelines to follow which working with SEO which ensures quality content over the web. In general, if you are not manipulating search engines just for ranking, most probably it’s White Hat.
  2. It takes a long-term and patient approach :- If anyone guarantees you overnight results most probably it is a Black Hat method. Google’s Algorithms are designed in a way such that only quality and authoritative make it to the top. To be one, you obviously have to be patient with no shortcuts. 
  3. It focuses on human audience more rather than search algorithms:- The main goal of search engines is to serve users not its algorithm. It is completely obvious that if your website is just influencing the search algorithms and does not provide any value to the users, it is a Black Hat Technique.
White Hat SEO Techniques

Now the very first question arising in the mind of a new comer to SEO Industry would be which exactly are the techniques that needs to be followed which would be under the category of White Hat SEO. Which of them would not damage their brand reputation in Google or any other search engine results. Whether Link building is manipulating search engines? and many more questions. Here are the Techniques which are considered White Hat by mostly everyone. 

  1. Quality Content:- The more content rich site you will create the more value it will create to the users and hence more valuable it will be considered by the Search engines. It is definitely time-consuming but worth investing. 
  2. Internal Linking:- One of the best ways to rank better is to let Search Bots crawl through your website easily and let them discover your pages. This is possible through a great Internal linking strategy. 
  3. Link Building:- Yes, there is no need to worry as Genuine Link building is a White Hat Technique. Now point to be noted is that this doesn’t mean you will be using anything to get links to your site. Never attempt to buy Links, Spam on the Web, participate in Link Schemes or any sort of unnatural ways. Create great content people would want to link to and use Guest Blogging. 
  4. Technical SEO:- Increasing your Page Speed, user experience, meta structure, Robots.txt file, Keyword usage and other Technical and organic factors falls under this category. 

What is Black Hat SEO?

The set of unethical and illegal aggressive practices that are just focused on influencing search engine without providing any value to users. It is just like a student cheating to gain marks without any actual knowledge of the topic. They were used to make use of the loopholes that were present in the search engine majorly Google as it is the Monopoly. Unethical SEO experts used them to get Quick results. But After the introduction of Algorithms like Penguin in April 2012 and a lot of Manual penalties, Google has taken Black Hat SEO to a Much lower Extent. If any technique falls under one of these, it is definitely a Black Hat SEO Technique:-

  1. It violates search engine’s guidelines:- Using the techniques which are blocked by Google and violates their rules and regulations would definitely put you in danger. 
  2. It is a quick result scheme:- Most of such things are depended on loopholes of search engines that can give results without much effort. In few scenarios, they give results as well but often short-lived. 
  3. Just focusing on Search engine:- Creating Duplicate content to fool Search Engines with invisible text and keywords stuffing, they are of no value to the users hence search engines blocks them.
Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black Hat SEO covers a lot of faulty methods including some of them below:-

  1. Keywords Stuffing:- When a page and its meta data is loaded with excess keywords in order to influence search engines to recognize and rank the page for the particular keywords. People think this make the website rank well for keywords, but this is not the case and is Considered a Black Hat SEO Technique.
  2. Hidden Text:- Hiding the text and keywords from users by changing colours or below any image with intend of fooling the search engine. It is identified as Search Spam. 
  3. Link Farms:- A Group of website than link to each other in order to increasing rankings. Most of link farms are generated by Bots and are considered Spam. 
  4. Paid Backlinks:- Purchasing backlinks from high authority sites who sells them solely for link popularity and rankings is one of the worst things you can do to destroy your site.
  5. Web Spam:- Generating irrelevant and spamming comment via Bots and posting them on various blogs in order to promote products or generate links. 
  6. Scraped Content:- The spammers plagiarises content from various sites onto his own claiming it to be his solely for the purpose of advertisement and affiliate revenue.
  7. Misleading Redirects:- If a webpage is already ranked on Search engine and the webmaster redirects the page to drive traffic to another landing or product page, it is considered Black Hat Technique.
  8. Doorway Pages:- Creating several same pages with redirection to a common page. Also Known as Bridge pages, portal pages, jump pages or like that.
  9. Cloaking:- It is the technique in which user browser is shown different content than the Search Crawler. It is often done by delivering content based on IP Addresses. 

These were some of the Major SEO Techniques that people used at a time or still use thinking they will cheat the search engine. But with every coming updates, search engines are getting better and better on punishing them and removing them from SERPs. 

What is Grey Hat SEO?

The Combination of the above two SEO techniques is often termed as Grey Hat SEO. These are the practices that are considered manipulative but are not yet mentioned by Google as Wrong. But these are considered risky yet. Few Grey Hat Techniques are:- 

  1. Article Spinning:- Changing the original content of a webmaster in order to be safe from search engine penalties by rewriting or changing a few lines by providing a different context. You may have to face serious legal issues if the original article would be copyrighted.
  2. Buying Old and Expired Domains:-  Purchasing old and authoritative domains and using their link juice to your website solely for Search Ranking is also considered a Grey Hat Technique. 
  3. Google Bombing:- Create large number of irrelevant links that causes to have higher ranking is also a technique which would not be recommended as Safe for now.

Final Words on White Hat vs Grey Hat vs Black Hat SEO !!!

In conclusion, if it would have been easy to Get your business Online and start getting millions of visitors with few months then everybody would do it. Yes, Black Hat SEO techniques provided early results in few situations, it doesn’t mean it should be used. It is a short term strategy and possess high risk of Google Penalty. It also kills user experience on the Site, hence absolutely should not be chosen. If your SEO agency uses it, you will have to chose a new one. Why not Consider us!!! 

White Hat on the other side is time consuming but definitely worth every penny and time spent. It can setup a solid ROI with time through Search engines. In case you need someone to help your business grow, we are always a Call or Message away from You.  

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