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So decided to take your existing business online? Or interested in a new idea and wants a website for the same. Yes, you are on the right track. Maintaining a great online presence is no longer an option but also a great way to earn more business from prospective customers searching for you or a business like yours. It is a kind of your virtual shop that is always ready to showcase what you need to. So where do you start? What would be the website development cost in India? Is that what’s bothering you now? Don’t worry, we will try to solve these problems for you and as a bonus try to estimate the website creation cost with our calculator at the end

Different ways to build Websites | Development Cost in India

Before going to know about the Website Design cost in India, let us first understand what all options you have when you want to go for building a website. Web development is an industry which is often uncertain until and unless you are aware of how you want to be represented online. When you have a rough goal in mind, getting a Quote or choosing your plan becomes much easier. Lets understand the options:-

1. Drag and Drop Website Builders

Drag and Drop website builders - Website Development Cost in India

The internet is very well saturated with companies that offer a great starting solution when you are going for it. Yes, I am talking about Website Builders. Examples are Wix, Godaddy, Squarespace, Weebly, etc, just to name a few. I know, I know, you have already heard about them a lot. But the question is “Should you chose them for representing your Brand?” The answer lies within you. MAYBE.

If you want to have the lowest control over how your website looks and feels, they maybe you can go for it. If you enough time to constantly maintain it and make changes to it, then maybe you can go for it. If you want website development to be extremely easy at first, they maybe you can go for it. If you are sure you will never be changing from their services, then maybe.

Yes, they are definitely affordable compared to any other options. Plans for Godaddy from ₹ 199.00/mo and can go up to ₹ 999.00/mo when you bill annually. Plans for Wix from ₹ 125.00/mo when you bill annually. 

2. Freelancers

The next most affordable option. Freelancers are people who need not follow a proper strategy for web design and development and can solve your needs up to a certain extent. There are various websites to find each type of freelancers, beginners and skilled. Some of them are Fiverr, Upwork, 99designs, etc. Their pricing varies on the number of pages and complexity of pages. 

Generally, they start from as low as ₹ 3000 and can go up depending upon your requirements. You still have to be stressed about who is gonna maintain it and what about the trust? OMG, you need to purchase hosting yourself as well. Those all tension comes along with the low prices. 

3. Website Development Agencies

Website Development Cost in India

The most convenient option of all three. Website Development Agencies are a group of skilled people with expertise in the topic. They generally offer one-point solutions to all your website needs, whether that be maintenance or designing how it would look.

We can’t comment alone on the pricing that is used by agencies. This is due to the lack of pricing standards in the industry. Let’s take a very simple illustration. ABC is an agency based in the United States while DEF is an agency based in India. Let’s say both of them are equally skilled in every aspect. Still, the charges of US Agency will be much higher than the Indian one because they are in a more expensive location. ABC may charge you $1000(₹75000) for a very simple website while the same work by DEF can be in completed in $300-$400(₹25000-₹30000).

Even many of United States agencies outsource their work to countries like India with a talented yet affordable workforce. Another model to note is Hourly vs Project-based. Easily describable by the words used. Let’s shift towards the factors that are responsible for giving a Quote to you by agencies.

Factors which decide Website Development Cost in India

We know, you are a business owner and aren’t much aware of all that technical stuff people keep on talking about. We will try out level best to cover the main factors that are important for deciding website development cost in India yet not so technical. Let’s keep going. 

1. Domain Name

A domain name is basically the name with which will represent your website. A domain name has 2 parts, the name and the extension. For an example consider, here Amazon represents the Name of the company while .in represents the domain extension. Together they form the domain name. With various domain selling companies like GoDaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost, etc, it is the very first investment that is made in your vision. 

The pricing of a domain name depends upon the extension used and the time for which it is purchased. GoDaddy and some other company pre-purchase some domain and sell them under the name of premium domains. DID WE MENTION that when you start your Journey with Dicorn Digital, you get a domain name for a year completely FREE? 😍. There are other factors like DNS Records, Nameservers etc which may sound too technical for you. We manage them on your behalf as well. 

2. Web hosting

Web Hosting - Website Development Cost in India

After registering your domain, we need to find a place to store all your data. In the digital world, we call it hosting the data. Web Hosting servers are responsible for providing space at some predecided rates. There are generally 3 types of Web hosting plans that are provided by hosting companies. Shared, VPS, and Cloud.

Now the question is, “Which one is suitable for you?”. Well, it depends on the traffic you want to serve. Shared hosting is best recommended when you want to have a normal business website. In some cases, when you are experiencing high traffic, VPS may be considered. Cloud hosting is for large scale projects. 

Another important concern when you are storing data online is Security. Make sure that your website is secured with SSL(the reason for that green lock in the address bar). This makes your visitors comfortable and secures their data. DID WE AGAIN MENTION that every package offered by Dicorn Digital gets you a year of shared hosting and SSL FREE 😉? 

3. Content Management System | Website Development Cost in India

What if I told you that for every minor edit you need to contact your project manager. Going to code end and changing it even for a minor edit doesn’t seem sensible or practical for small or medium scaled businesses. It is high time and resource-consuming process. That is why most agencies recommend a Content Management System. It makes the process of managing and creating content easier. 

There are free as well as paid CMS available out there. Free ones include WordPress, Magneto, Drupal etc while Hubspot, Squarespace are some of the paid ones. We at Dicorn Digital love WordPress due to the extent to which it can be customized. More than 39.5% of the Websites across the internet are powered by WordPress which makes it an Amazing platform for support.

Magneto and Drupal are also good but doesn’t offer that much flexibility as compared to WordPress. It is also rated as best when we consider implementing SEO strategies. 

4. Website Design

There are 2 types of developments in WordPress. Building using prebuilt Themes that are available and building custom according to your requirements. The first one is not so tedious job hence is affordable compared to building custom using Code. We offer both the options to you. Use our Website Development Cost Calculator to get a Rough Quote. 

After choosing the style of building another step would be choosing how high-end design you need on the website. We at Dicorn Digital offers 3 styles, Simple, Moderate and High End. Obviously, they are charged differently due to the number of resources they consume to build.

RESPONSIVE DESIGN is the trend of the last 5 years that is growing with each coming day. Responsive design means your website automatically takes care of where it is viewed, i.e; Desktop, Tablet or Mobile. Many companies charge you for this feature ranging from ₹5000 to ₹15000 but we have responsive designing inbuilt in our Developing strategies for FREE!!

ecommerce website development agency and company

5. WordPress Themes and Plugins

As we discussed above, Designing using prebuilt themes is a way of doing. But Themes comes at a cost to be paid. This can range anywhere from $39(₹ 3000) to $249(₹18000). The price difference is due to the quality of the design. Choosing the theme can also be a preference of the client. Although there are certain Free Themes also available in the WordPress Repository but they come at the cost of Freedom of Design.

Another great feature WordPress offers is the ability to include external prebuilt codes known as plugins that enhance functionalities. The Chatbox that you often see in website footer is a powerful feature of a prebuilt plugin. As you must have assumed, they too come at some cost. Plugins are one of the main reasons we and most of Website Development Companies chose WordPress. 

6. No of Pages

Website, as the name suggests, is a collection of Web Pages. A major factor in the pricing quote of any agency is the No of Pages you expect on your website. Pricing will not be the same for a website with 10 pages compared to one with 100 pages.  Pages need to be included with Content, hence Content writers is another expense that you need to spend if you are aware of how to write content that attracts visitors. 

An effective and converting website needs to put the right words in front of visitors to make them into clients. As we know Content is king, hence it is definitely an investment that is worth it. 

7. SEO | Website Development Cost in India

SEO is an optional thing when you are opting for Website design and development services. But let me ask you a question? How are people get to know that your website exists? What if you are not found on Search engines when people are searching for you. Rarely people remember your website address. Does that seem horrifying? Don’t be. 

That’s why SEO Services exist. It costs you anywhere between ₹ 10000-₹50000 per month depending upon the number of keywords that you want your website to be optimized for. We cant offer exactly full service for FREE but we offer Basic SEO services that would be enough to get you website found on Google or Bing for ABSOLUTELY FREE with any on our Packages.

SEO Services Banner Image The Amazing IT Solutions

9. eCommerce Functionality

Many of you might be thinking to sell products as well online via your brand name? Great decision. eCommerce is a field that has boomed since the last few years. Most people prefer to sit at home and purchase products with the brand they like.

eCommerce is a field whose quote is nearly impossible to quote without knowing the exact requirements you have. It can vary anywhere from ₹ 10000 to ₹ 30000 extra. This is because eCommerce is associated with payments and needs to be handled with care. Take an Example of Your Furnisher which sells Metal Wall Decors and Wooden Wall Shelves online. It’s a Creation by our Team.

8. Maintenance

What if you want to have some change done that is not possible for you to carry forward? What if any unexpected error occurs on the website? That’s where Maintenance of website comes into play. Even if there are no errors, the website needs to be constantly updated to the latest design trends and protocols. Maintenance costs only occur when there are no major design changes. 

The costs can be anywhere from ₹ 1000 – ₹ 10000 per month in India. What we give you one more great reason to Move forward and make your decision to hire the Best website development agency for your business. We offer FREE Maintenance services for a Complete first year as a welcome gift. Sounds Good?

These were the majority of the factors that are responsible for deciding the Cost of Website development in India. To get a Rough Quote for your business use the Cost Calculator below. 

Website Creation Cost Calculator in India

As we have discussed due to a variety of factors, predicting the exact cost is not possible without knowing your requirements and how you want to have your business represented. Still, we will try our level best to give you a rough estimate of Quote by Dicorn Digital using our Website Cost Calculator in India. Please note that it doesn’t include SEO services and eCommerce cost. For these as well, contact us. All other things mentioned above are inclusive in the rough quote generated. Another thing to note is that it is not the final price. Final one maybe +/- ₹ 5000. 

This was our Complete guide to Website Development Cost in India along with Website Cost Calculator. We hope that your doubts were cleared regarding pricing. If you want something to be custom build contact us through the banner below. Also, please leave your reviews in comments below!!

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