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We always have heard from our initial days that “Your first Impression is your last Impression.” We at Dicorn Digital totally agree with it. In this Online world, your business needs an identity and that identity is provided to you by your website. People rarely trust and visit a business which don’t have its presence online. Which above all in today’s world is a Website. Also no one like an underdeveloped, unresponsive and a slow website. It defames your brand image and ruins the first impression in front of Consumers or potential customers. 

These were some of the points you should put into consideration on the way to make your business successful and unique. The first question that should strike your mind would be how to solve this Issue. As a Solution for the same problem, we developed Dicorn Digital. The Web Design and Development Services are recognised as one of the highest Return of Investment(ROI) among the Techniques to expand your Business.

Why you Should Invest in Web Design Services?

No matter what is the Size of your business or company, no matter what are your services or products, the Wisest decision you can ever make in this Competitive online world is to invest in a Professional Web Design Service. If you already have an existing one and it is not helping you in your business growth, it’s definitely time for a new one. This is because your website acts as a Sales platform or your services platform 24/7. Some Facts about importance of Web Design Services are:-

  • 63% of consumers primarily use your company’s website to find and engage with you.
  • 93% of online experiences start with a search and website tops the importance list.
  • More than 75% people judge a company’s capability based on its website. 
Why to Invest in Web Development Services

Apart from these facts there are many other factors which definitely should influence your decision for going for Web Design Services. Some of these Factors are:-

  1. Increase your Conversion Rates:- A conversion can range from a User’s email signup to Converting them into Customers. No Matter what’s your goal, our Web Design Services would help you to grow your business. If you have a outdated Website, no one would prefer to engage with your website, while a User-friendly website that is creative and modern, can easily get what you want. Either that be location visits or product purchases.
  2. Optimize your User Experience:- The Website user experience is one of the best investments you can ever make. With an ROI of Over $100 per $1 invested on an average, making you stand out from those who are ignoring it. The better your customer will feel, better impression would be for your business. Hence, worth Investing.
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  1. Maximize Your Edge with Competitors:- No matter where you business is working, you definitely would be in competition. The best way to make your way out of it is to provide users with the best experience. Either you own a small pizza shop or a clothing outlet, showcasing your products and services on a user friendly service definitely would make you stand out of crowd.
  2. Improve your Search Presence:- More than 80% of people rely on search while searching for a product or service. If your website doesn’t rank on First Page of search engines it becomes very difficult for customers to find you. Hence diminishing your impact. Don’t Worry we take care of all these thing mentioned.

Characteristics of Our Web Design Services

Curiosity must have been raised in the reader’s mind that what a business will get from our Web Design Services that will make them stand apart from the crowd. A few characteristics of our services are:-

  • Your Website will be Visible:- When we say Visible we mean most of the Search Results regarding your business on Search Engines. As we sad earlier that more than 80% of people will rely on Search Engines for Enquiring you or Searching you. When you chose us, we provide with a SEO Optimized Website that outperforms others. 
  • It will have a Mesmerising User Experience:- We know the fact that “First impression is the last impression” and very well understands you needs for the Same. Trust Us, we won’t let you down either in this.
  • Your Website will match your Business Standards:- Dicorn Digital never compromises with Existing brand Image instead focuses on taking it to the best possible. Same will be reflected through Our Web Design Services.
  • Your Website will be Mobile Friendly:- As per Research 57% of users never purchases anything from a website that is poorly designed for mobile. Most of the Internet today is accessed through Mobile Devices, hence it becomes highly important to get the Website Mobile Friendly. Google also gives priority to Mobile Friendly Websites.
  • It would be Fast and Secure:- If a Website takes more than 3 sec without the first paint, most of the users intends to return back. Additionally, that Not Secure icon on top left decreases the Trust and security of your business. We don’t want you to feel Dejected in any Case. Hence, this is also taken Care of.

Web Design Services Plans and Pricing

Your business and your website is completely unique to us. After understanding your Goals and creating a plan for action we proceed to Web Design and Development. Further after Quality Assurance and your Satisfaction for the same we proceed to make the website live. From Designing to Content creation, we help you in every way possible. Now the main question is “How much does Web Design services cost?” There are various point to consider while answering the Question. Some of them are:-

  1. Hosting and Domain:- Web hosting is basically providing space for your website to run on internet. They are both paid on a yearly Basis.
  2. No of Pages in Website:- A website with 5-10 Pages would definitely not cost the same as the one with 50-60 pages. It’s a Major factor in deciding the cost.
  3. Design of Website:- If you want a Website fully Functional Website with attractive design like Dicorn Digital that would cost you more than an Website just to represent your Basic Services. This doesn’t mean the later one would not be World Class.
  4. eCommerce Integration:- If you want to sell products online and want to integrate features like WooCommerce and others, it would be more expensive than a standard Blog Website

It’s not that we have a model that would fit all of the businesses online. We assign a separate expert just to you in order to consider all of your needs. With a Modest life expectancy of 3-5 years, you need not Invest in it again and Again. For Exact Pricing Contact Us through the form below. On an Average, our basic Services start from INR 14,999 or $199 and can increase can per needs. 

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