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Do you know? Any query that you search on Google is among the 2 Trillion searches that are made on search engine annually. People use Google for a little bit of everything. Either you have to buy a brand new car, a phone or just want to make your office presentation, we trust Google blindfolded. This is the reason there are around 5.5 billion searches per day, 228 million per hour, and 3.8 million per second. This number is drastically increasing.

But have you ever noticed, that the search results are sometimes a bit off the track or nothing to do with the topic you are interested in? This problem can be solved by Google search tricks, which helps you exactly find, what you are searching for.

Everybody knows how to Google. But by learning these skills you can be a Google pro. And you can harness the actual power of a Search Engine. In this blog, we will be covering almost all Google Search Cheatsheet. It will help you perform your tasks in a very smart and effective manner. We will try to understand each and every cheat code with a suitable example.

Let’s get started.


Add quotation marks around a search query. And Google will take you to the exact results for that phrase. One can use this function if he/she wants to search for a specific word or phrase.

For example: “Digital Marketing free modules”, the search result will include only these phrases.

-(minus) Search

This minus sign is used before a word to exclude a search term. This is a very useful function if you are searching for a term that has several other meanings.

For example: Chennai Express -movie, the results would be about Chennai Express but not the movie which has exact name.

Site | Google Search Cheatsheet

This function helps you get results from a specific domain. This is used when you want info from a specified site.

For example: digital marketing site://, this will give you the results about digital marketing within


One of the most useful functionality of search engine. It allows you to find sites with similar content to a URL you already know. This function gives you the opportunity to find sites related to your query.

For example:, results will be related to news.


This function is used when you want to find results for several phrases. The results will show pages that include all the terms. Both the alphabets of OR should be in capital form.

For example: Winner of Big Boss 2019 OR 2020, results will be on both the terms.


Using this function you can find out, what pages on the internet link to the page which you are searching for. Insert this (Link) function before the URL and all the pages will appear that link to that specific URL.

For example:, results will show all the pages that link to Shopify.

Most importantly if you use -site: function with the link: function, the results will show all the pages that link to that URL but on from that site’s page.

For example:, will show all the pages that link to but not from their website.

Number Range ( .. )

This functionality is used when you want to search between the two numbers that you have indicated. Use ( .. ) between the two numbers. This narrows your search and results will include the numbers between the two you have indicated.

For example: smartwatch $100..$200, results will be smartwatches whose price is between $100 and $200.

Blank ( * ) | Google Search Cheatsheet

This asterisk function can help you find article, dates or other information that is missing from the phrase.

For example: what you * is what you *.


You can use this function if you want to find any event, news or any other information from that particular area. The results will be based on that particular area.

For example: location:delhi, results will be based on Delhi giving all the news and other information required on that specific location.

File Type

Using this function you can search your result based on its file extension. If you want a pdf, then enter your search term followed by the function and pdf.

You can also use “ext:” for the same purpose.

For example: covid-19 filetype: pdf, results will give information about covid-19 in pdf form. And the same results could be found in covid-19 ext: pdf.

City City

Simply write the name of the two cities in the search engine and you will get full information about the upcoming flights. One can use this function to find a flight that take off form one city and land in another city. This saves so much time from searching about a specific flight, timings, etc.

For example: Delhi Dubai, results will show all the upcoming flights from Delhi to Dubai.


This function converts unit of measurement into other units. Just use “in” in-between the two-unit of measurement, the converted unit of measurement will be respective of the first one.

For example: grams in a kilogram, will calculate how many grams are in a kilogram.


By using this function one can find pages whose title contains all words in the search. This is useful when you want a specific page like a blog post.

For example: allintitle: best beard oil, results will show only blog posts on this particular article.


This functionality is used when you want to find a specific title with a specific word and the second word elsewhere (in the text or URL) in the content.

For Example: Intitle: pasta sauce, results that have “pasta” in its title and “sauce” in the body content.


Using this function one can find pages where all the terms appear in the text. It helps you find content with a specific phrase.

For example: allintext: recipe for a fruit custard, results with the specific phrase in the body of the content.

Intext | Google Search Cheatsheet

It helps you find pages where one term appears in the text, and other terms appear elsewhere in the document (e.g. title or URL)

For example: Shahrukh khan intext: happynewyear


This function is similar to “allintitle”. It is useful when you want results that only include blog posts with a certain word in the title.

For example: inblogtitle: rich dad poor dad, search results will include blog post with this specific title.


This function is similar to “intitle”. It is used when to want to find a blog title with specific word and the second word elsewhere in the blog (in the text or URL).

For example: inposttitle: biceps exercise, results in pages with “biceps” in the title and “exercise” somewhere in the text.


This functionality helps in finding pages with the search query mentioned in the URL.

For example: allinurl: historytv18, would return results that have the entire query of “historytv18” in the URL.


This function differs from the “allinurl”, as it only searches for one word not for the whole query.

For example: inurl: bread making, results in a URL containing the word “bread” and another word “making” somewhere in the content of the URL.


This function is used when you want to find a content written by a specific author.

It helps you when you remember the name of the author but not the title of the blog. Even it is useful when you want to find additional content by the author.

For example: allinpostauthor: jk rowling, results in the content by JK Rowling.


This anchor helps you find sites that use certain anchor text in different links, even if you don’t remember where those links lead.

For example: allinanchor: cricket, results would return sites that use the word “swimming” when linking to another page.

Info | Google Search Cheatsheet

This is a very useful function when you want a lot of information about a particular website.

It gives you the information about the similar pages on the URL you searched, pages that link to that particular domain, other pages, and the pages that contain the domain text on their page.

For example:, results will give full information on


It is the most common function, which is used to find a dictionary definition of a word or phrase that is searched on the search engine.

For example: define:courtesy, results in the dictionary definition of the word.


Using this function you can search to specific topic from a specific publication. It searches for mentions of a query in a certain news source.

For example: Chetan Bhagat source: hindustantimes, results will show mentions of Chetan Bhagat in the articles of Hindustan Times.


This functions saves your time from travelling to the theater, for the timings and other stuff.

Just type the function followed by the movie name and the city, results will show the timing for the movie which is playing in all the available theatres.

For example: movie: Avengers Endgame Gurugram, results will show all the Gurugram theatres that are screening Avengers Endgame.


This function gives the forecast for the next few days in a particular location.

For example: weather: New Delhi, results will show the weather in New Delhi.

Stocks | Google Search Cheatsheet

Through this function you will be able to get the price of the stocks of a particular company.

For example: stocks: Reliance, results will show the daily stock prices of Reliance company.

Current Time

Using this function one can easily get to know the current time of a particular area that you searched.

For example: time: Melbourne, results will show the current time in Melbourne.

Sports Score

Type the name of the two sports team side by side and you will be able to see live score of the game.

For example: India Australia, results will show the live score of the cricket match between the teams.

Flight Status

By typing your flight number in the search, you will be able to see where the flight is, in its journey and with a complete visual timeline.

For example: AI 887, results will show you the current status of Air India Flight 887.

Sunrise and Sunset

This function gives you the timing of sunrise and sunset of a particular location that you type on the search.

For example: sunrise: Dubai, results in the time that the sun rises in Dubai, on the day you search.

Stopwatch | Google Search Cheatsheet

Type “stopwatch” in the google and you will be able to enjoy this functionality. You can start or stop your timer as per required.

For example: Stopwatch, results will show a timer.

Minute Timer

If you don’t have a timer with you, just search an amount of time followed by “minute timer” in search engine.

For example: 60-minute timer, timer will go off after an hour.


Using this function you can easily translate any word in various languages that you want. Just follow this format, Translate <word> to <language>.

For example: Translate <pomme> to <english>.


Type “equation” in google and you will automatically get the solution of your query.

There are different symbols like, * is for multiplication, / is for division, is for subtraction, and + is for addition.

For example: 45*10, will result in 450.

Tip Calculator

This function helps you when you don’t know how much you should pay to your server.

Just type “Tip Calculator” in google and after filling a few numbers you will be able to know how much to pay your waiter.

For example: Type “tip calculator”, Bill Price:$A and Tip percent:B%.

Map | Google Search Cheatsheet

This function is useful when you are travelling from one place to another and is not aware of the direction.

For example: maps: Melbourne, Australia result will show you a map of the location.


It is a useful function as it shows you what Google sees when it looks to your website.

The date and time your website was last scanned, and also let you know the text-only version of a site and it’s current source.

For example: cache:, results will show you a snapshot of the last cached version of the website.

Package Tracking

This function helps you to track your package by typing <tracking number> of your package in the search engine.

For example: 1Z5615280351136446, results will track the package of this particular tracking number.

This was the Complete list of Keywords for Google Search Cheatsheet that you can use to make full use of Google. Try them in search to understand more.

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