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We would rarely find any Person in today’s technical world who doesn’t have an account on either Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter etc. In fact they are a part of daily life for millions or even billions to consider. Facebook accounts for than a quarter of world’s population connected through it. In today’s business world, more than 70% of consumers expect a brand to have its social media presence. Not just presence but also a great social strategy. Few Facts about the same are :-

66% of Facebook Users

say that they like or follow a brand on Facebook.

90% of Instagram Users

say that they follow a business on this platform

74% of Facebook Users

state they check their Facebook Accounts daily.

89% of online marketers

state that Instagram is one of the most effective platform for Marketing.

The above points clearly demonstrates why your business should have Social Media Marketing in its to do list. It is not just about Posting stuff on social media but more that that. It’s about using proper strategies including proper profile setup, competitor analysis, content and posting schedule along with which using paid advertisements on the platforms. Hence Social Media Marketing is further categorized into Social Media Management and Social Media Advertisement Services. Anyone who intends to drive traffic to Website and generate more sales through the Landing Page can use Advertisement services like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and much more. 

What Exactly are Social Media Advertising Services ?

As we explained above, a major portion of your business’s target audience uses social media. Just like Search Engine Marketing, SEO is an organic process of growth but takes time to generate leads and get in front of potential customers, same is with Organic Social Media growth. It takes time to grow your organic followers and convert them into paying customers. But not everyone can wait for that much time. Here is the scenario in which Social Media Marketing Services would come handy. When you want to get best and most cost effective Results in the shortest time possible. Through ads we connect your Products or Services to other thousands of People online using the platforms.

The benefit or the factor which makes Social Media Advertising different over Search Engine Marketing Services is that we can target the Searcher directly instead of targeting the Search term. This exposes and open pathways to a completely new category of audience. For example, Facebook offers option to target a specific geographic location, age ranges, gender groups, and people with a particular interest and much more. You can let people to Like you page, perform a CTA or visit your Landing Page as well.

Social media targeting ways banner

Types of Social Media Advertising

We have various social channels present out there in the market. But in terms of effectiveness, we feel few dominate over all others. These are two categories of model through which Social Media Advertising proceeds. The first one being a CPC Model and second one being a CPM model. Based on the maximum number of active users and potential to reach best customers we focus on 3 Types of Social Media Advertising Services. These are:-

Facebook Advertising

The universal Social Media network. With more than 2 Billion monthly Users, it provides an unmatched opportunity to reach anyone virtually. Facebook is best at Lead Generation for eCommerce and Landing Page Traffic generation. It has the most Advanced Targeting compared to any other network.

Instagram Advertising

The platform which can compete with Advertising network of Facebook is the part of Facebook Itself. With the Best engagement rate of all Social channels, Instagram is consider as king of online advertising. With over 500 Million active Monthly users and majority of which are youngsters, it is definitely a Ad Network Choice.

Youtube Advertising

The second largest search engine after Google, Youtube has over 1.9 Billion monthly Active Users. It is best for showing your business deeply to the potential customers. In fact you can stand out from more than 90% of business by creating a Youtube Ad. It Majorly depends on Videos, so it may be not so convenient for all at first.

How our Social Media Advertising Services Work!!

We at Dicorn Digital share a brief glimpse of how our Social Media Advertising Services work. The Steps Covered are:-

  1. Develop a Proper Social Media strategy for your business:- As we know the first and the foremost step of any work is planning a roadmap on how we are going to achieve it. This Strategy will include roadmap, competitor analysis and all other important things. 
  2. Develop engaging and Relatable content and Advertisements:- If people are not attracted to your ads, Every penny spent would be a waste. Hence, our specialists develop Engaging Ads that people who love to Click on.
  3. Publishing and Regular Maintenance:- It will include managing daily social activities like Comments and Messages. Also A/B Testing for your ads so as to figure out which one works best and remove low performing Ads so as to Make the best ROI Possible.
  4. Reports for the Campaigns:- Get monthly or weekly updates on how your Ads are performing and check your Conversions from the Same.

This would be the Strategy for your Social Media Growth and Leads generation. In order to get more details and getting yourself Started Contact Us through the form Below.

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