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One of the key Factors to get your physical or online business to more customers is by appearing in front of them when they need services or products like you provide. There are Various ways to achieve it, starting from Paid Advertisement to Organic ranking on the Top Search Results. Most Customers trusts and prefer the non-paid organic Search Results. This technique of Ranking free organically on a Search Engine is Termed as Search Engine Optimization or better known as SEO. Hence, SEO Services become a very important part for people who wanna boost their online presence. 

With the increasing competition in the search market and ever changing complex algorithms of search engines, it become very important to Hire a Professional SEO Services Agency. Since you are best at Providing your particular product or service we at Dicorn Digital believe you must focus on the same. We as Best SEO Services Agency in Delhi NCR will take Care of everything that would make your online presence perfect.

Importance of Best SEO Services in Delhi NCR

In this Technical Era of 2020, there was not time before today where these things could be more important. A few statistics why we think you should consider for hiring the best SEO agency in Delhi NCR

  1. 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. 
  2. 81% of people some type of online research before making a large purchase. 
  3. Leads from search engine have a 14.6% close rate while outbound leads have a 1.7% close rate.
  4. 75% of people never scroll past the first page of Search Engines.
  5. 70-80% of people ignore paid search results and prefers to click on organic results.
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These are some of the facts that clearly explains why Search Engine optimizations you should consider in investing in SEO Services for your business. With our strong and integrated strategies that combines content marketing, technical SEO, On-Page and Off-Page SEO you can get an edge over your competition. With Investing in the Best SEO Services Agency in Bahadurgarh you can Expect the following:-

More Traffic

As you will gain better search positions for keywords, more people will visit your website, hence increasing traffic.

More Brand Awareness

The more places your brand will appear the more awareness it will create among the fellow users.

More Leads

You will target the population that would be interested in the products or services you offer, hence more leads.

More Business Growth

All these factors including Traffic, Leads, Revenue and online business presence will obviously lead to more Growth.

More Revenue

The more leads website will generate the more would be the revenue for business. Turn Visitors into paying Customers.

More Trust

When you reach the top of search results, your customers will see you are the Industry Leader. Hence more Trust.

Types of SEO Factors to Consider

These above things may sound a hype for some of the new comers to the Online Industry on whether it’s all possible. We are Quickly sharing with you some of the SEO factors and types that we all and almost every SEO expert across the globe take into consideration. 

1. Technical SEO

Technical SEO is basically the analysis and improvement of the Technical factors of a website or webpage. If your technical part is not proper then a major part of any effort you will give on other sections will be a Waste. It includes the following factors:-

  • Robots.txt File:- It is a root directory file that specifies search engines which file and pages of your website to crawl and index in search results.
  • Optimising URL Structure:- A optimal user structure should have lower case chars, “-” to separate words and using focus keywords in it without stuffing.
  • Clear Navigation Menu and breadcrumbs:- This allows search bots to easily crawl through your website, hence making you rank better.
  • Creating your 404 Error Page:- When a user visits a URL that doesn’t exist on the site, 404 Error Page is shown. 
  • Optimize XML Sitemaps:- It is a XML File that contain a collection of all Pages and Posts of a Website. It Includes Title, URL and publishing Information.
  • Adding SSL to make https:// :- One of the latest Internet trends is security. Secure Socket Layer(SSL) on your web server increase the security of website which is a technical ranking factor. 
  • Website Speed:- With the increasing competition on web, search engines are preferring website which perform better for users in terms of speed. 
  • Mobile Friendliness:-  More and more search queries are performed from mobile in this time than ever before. With more 54% share, it is increasing day by day. Hence, Mobile Friendly website becomes a very important factor. 
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2. On-Page SEO

On-Page as name suggests describe the optimization of the content that is visible in the Page of Website. More precisely optimising individual pages of a website for keywords so as to make it rank higher. With ever changing Algorithms of search engines, hiring the best SEO Agency in Delhi NCR becomes a necessity as we are always in touch with the Standards. Parts of ON-Page SEO are:-

  • Page Title and Meta Description:- When you search for a Particular keyword on Google, you get a Search Engine Result Page(SERP) that contain a collection of Heading, Description and link. They are called Page Title and Met Description or Meta Info.
  • Headings:- The heading which are Used in a Blog are a very important factors in analysing the keywords for your page by search engines. It helps you to organize the content on a web page.
  • On-Page Content:- The main thing people are searching for you is because of need for Good content, and at the end if your content is poor or not liked by users, your ranking due to above two factors starts to decline. Since Google is tracking the user time spent on website and bounce rates, you definitely have to consider great content for great ranking. 

3. Off-Page SEO

Off-Page as the Name Suggests is the optimisation of elements not related to page directly. It helps us to increase a Website’s Domain Authority which ensures its ability to rank and measure the Website’s credibility. It is a kind of representation for Google that this website should rank higher than Others. Off-Page SEO is based upon two Things:- 

  • Social Media Sharing:- The use of social media helps to create social presence among users. The more a Website is shared on Social media, Google considers it should have more credibility and value. Social Media Marketing and Advertising is an amazing way to boost it. 
  • Backlinks:-  If we have to find the heart of SEO, we would without doubt bet on Backlinks. The biggest and most important Factor considered by Google, Bing and mostly Other search engines, it was the base rule for ranking from Starting. Backlinks is kind of Word-of-mouth publicity in terms of Google. One Great quality backlink from trusted website is better than 100s of non-trusted ones. 

How our SEO Services work

We follow all the Factors mentioned above so as to get maximum results for you. We as the Best SEO Services Agency in Delhi NCR have a perfect way to work with. Any SEO Company that Delivers Good Results follow the same strategy. Our strategy of working is:- 

Seo audit image

1. SEO Audit

Analysing how well your website performs on the Search based on standard practises. Identify all the possible issues and Improve.

On page seo factors

4. On-Page SEO

Being the Best SEO Services Agency in Bahadurgarh we make sure all your On-Page SEO factors are covered and you are not left behind in any point.

competitive audit seo image

2. Competition Analysis

Analyse for your competitors links, Keywords, content and SEO Strategies to fins the techniques that work in your industry.

Link building image seo

5. Link Building

As told above Link Building the most vital part of SEO. Using over White Hat SEO techniques such as Content Marketing and Guest Blogs we ensure you get the Best Links.

keyword analysis seo image

3. Keyword Analysis

First Step of great rankings is finding where you want them i.e; on which keywords you want your top positions. We will do it for you.

Reports and analysis seo image

6. Reports and Analysis

Get a detailed report on how your website has gained ranking and other SEO Work done once a month in order to insure complete transparency.

These were our SEO Services in Bahadurgarh, Delhi NCR. We don’t use Black Hat SEO techniques in order to help you gain ranking. We use White Hat Only. We don’t believe that every Industry should have same price for SEO services, hence it’s not mentioned. Contact Us through button below to Know More.

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