Complete Guide to Increase Website Sales Online in 2021 | Best Practices

We hope that you are running your eCommerce business in order to generate more and more number of sales. Are you truly satisfied with the amount of revenue you are currently getting? We hope not. That’s why you are here today in order to take your eCommerce business to the next level. Fortunately, there are a lot of methods to do so, some very effective to some not so. In this session, we tried to cover a complete guide on how to increase website sales online in 2021 and their best practices. We expect you are good to go with us. 

1. Keep your homepage as simple as possible

Apple's Homepage as on 15th November
Apple's Homepage as on 15th November

It may be one of the most contrasting statements you have come across in a while in web design. Most people will tell you that try to incorporate many designs, animations and whatnot on the homepage. Including sliders may be a good move to showcase everything you have on the entire website. But as per Neil Patel, there isn’t any research to prove that this increases the sales altogether. But it is proven that most of the customers find it confusing leading them to leave the website. Hence, instead of having an ever-changing slider keep your most important offer or product above the fold so that customer can focus on one thing at a time. 

Also keeping all the product ranges you have on the homepage won’t make any difference. The more decisions customers have to make less would be the no of sales you will make. As per Entrepreneur magazine, fewer products with more description would increase your overall sales. 

2. Use video to explain your services

A picture is worth a thousand words while a video is worth a thousand pictures. A line very well said with respect to today’s scenario. According to Mashable, a video on landing pages can increase conversion averaging to as high as 86 percent. In fact, video investments pay an incredible ROI over time. Websites with videos get users to spend 88% more time compared to their normal text counterparts. This won’t be the case for all industries. For ex., if you are in the clothing industry you needn’t demonstrate how to wear. Won’t that be hilarious 😂? 

3. Use Trusted Signals so that Customers trust you more

Trust, if not the most but definitely among the top reasons why a customer buys from any business, online or offline. Apart from your copywriting skills, there are many trust signals your website must have either that be SSL or any proof that their information will be safe. An SSL certificate is a thing you must invest upon. There would rarely be an eCommerce site generating sales that don’t have an SSL. Proudly display any Security badges that you have been using in the footer bar. Hence, it is considered one of the best practices to increase website sales online. Don’t mislead customer by just displaying the badge while you don’t have any of them. 

trusted seals to increase website sales online
Most Trusted Badges to increase website sales online

4. Use testimonials and case studies wisely

People trust testimonials just like personal recommendation if they feel testimonials are genuine. A great way of building the perfect trust signal would be to Include photos and social media profiles of the customers you have. A faceless name with some words won’t create much difference. A testimonial from a recognised person in the industry would take you to a next level. 

Use Case studies of the people who have used your product and how it made a difference in their lives. A great storytelling technique would prove to be an Icing on the cake situation. This could be used by a website with less number of products or exclusive manufactures of a product. Marketplaces would not be a good option to implement the case studies strategy. 

5. Use Live Chat and contact option in front of customer

Success reason for marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart and many more is that people trust them more than anything due to their Customer support in case of any disputes or queries. That’s a technique you can implement it as well on your website. Include a live chat button so that people can contact you directly instead of bouncing off the website.

Contact Information across your whole website is a standard rule you must include. If you are a B2B business, you should definitely be following the much obvious practice. You would be shocked to know that missing contact information is the biggest headache that people face on a multi-vendor website. 

content assests that are found missing
Content Assets that are missing the most on vendor websites

6. Offer Maximum payment options as possible

What if you did everything right, the customer was ready to pay and then he/she finds out that their favourite payment method is not accepted at the site. He/she returns back. Quite embarrassing right? Hence, use a Payment gateway that suits all the possible payment options including quite all credit and debit cards, Paypal, Paytm, Google Pay UPI or any other methods famous in your country.  Adapt to the new payment trends that are emerging like Apple Pay or Amazon Pay. We know it could be quite a hassle, but it would definitely be worth it.

7. Invest in Great product images

product photography
Product Images Setup

Someone has truly said that it is all about the presentation that how much you will sell. A well-presented food plate at a 5 Star hotel is charged way more than the one at a local restaurant. Customers tend to buy more at the well presented one. The same case would be with your products. Since product images and price are the most important factors in deciding on whether to buy from you or not, it definitely makes sense to present both of them nicely. Try to include high quality include if possible, thumbnails would create a mess. Use multiangled photos so that visitors can get a better idea of the product. 

8. Use Retargeting on Audience

Here come two of the most important practices to increase website sales online in 2021. Do you know more than 70% of the cart are left abandoned and are never recovered, out of which in more than 63% of situations it was recoverable but the businesses either didn’t bothered or due to lack of knowledge it was never done. Also, approx $4 Trillion merchandise was left just like that. Those people who just came across a site and left without adding any products are left unimagined. Sounds like a huge opportunity for all? 

Here is the point when retargeting would come into play. Both Google Ads and Facebook Ads provide options to retarget the audience which came across your website and went through the various checkpoint. Either that be shop page, product page, Cart page, checkout page or even failed or completed payment stages. All uncompleted payment customers could be retargeted to complete their purchase with some discounts if felt necessary. Experiment with various ad groups and get the best results. 

Another misconception people have that new customers bring in better business. But it is far away from reality. In fact, as per research by Monetate, Loyal shoppers are 5X more worthy than new ones. Hence focus your advertising budget to existing customers as well by retargeting with ads with upsells or new products. 

Retargeting on existing customers benefits to increase website sales online

9. Reach new audience via Facebook ads lookalike Audience

The above point discussed how to take care of the existing audience but reaching a new audience is also important. One way to do it could be to select a random audience and show your ads to them in hope that some of them would purchase and become a customer. Another and way more effective method is to create a lookalike audience via Facebook and Instagram ads of the people who already are your shoppers.

Facebook’s algorithm will then find people who match your customer’s search intends, likes, dislikes and much more. You can be sure to get much better results than the earlier scenario. 

10. Offer Freebies | Increase website sales online

Have you ever come across someone who dislikes free valuable stuff? I have never. The more valuable stuff you give to them free, the more value they perceive in the brand. Brands after launching any new product or service, offer heavy discounted and offers on the same to gather more and more users and later charge them. You as a small or medium scaled business can offer such things as well. Try and implement it to see if that makes a difference.

11. Use Tiered Pricing and recommend one

When you go to a movie theatre, you must have bought popcorn. Ever noticed their variations? Small for $5 seems too less, Large for $10 seems too much while the medium one for $7 seems the fairest deal. That’s what tiered pricing is, better known as decoy pricing. This can also be used in online sales. Most of the big companies use it in their pricing models. By including a lower and higher option, the customer’s mind will think of which one to buy instead of buying or not? Make sure you highlight the best option you want customers to buy. Take an example of the Hostinger’s pricing model for cloud hosting.

tiered pricing model of hostinger
Hostinger's Tiered pricing model

12. Offer a solid money back Guarantee

As discussed in point #5 on why marketplaces like Amazon seems a more comfortable deal to buy stuff. It was the trust we have on them that we will get the best product else a refund. To all of your customer, who leave the website just at the fence, the money-back guarantee would prove to be the best step to complete the transaction. It is a very simple formula, the less risk customer feels, the more they will shop with you. Include all your money back conditions under your Terms page so as to avoid any conflicts in future.

13. Mobile and Page Speed Optimization

After all the techniques to influence the customer to purchase more, here comes the part of user experience. Do you know the mCommerce industry i.e; mobile commerce is expected to rise to 72.9% in the total eCommerce industry by 2021. Hence, if you don’t have a mobile app or mobile-friendly website you would more than 72% of your customers. Sounds Horrifying? Even if you have a perfectly designed website but it loads slow, you will not have the expected results. Here are some stats which might influence your decision to go with an untrusted and cheap agency:-

  1. 37% of people bounce back from your website if the page speed is more than 5 sec. 
  2. 70% of people agree with the fact that page speed is an influencing decision when purchasing online.
  3. 1-sec delay in speed loses 7% conversion rate.

These factors would obviously play some very significant role in choosing where to get your website build. For a recommendation, CHOSE US!!

page speed optimzation

14. Collect emails via Newsletters

Email marketing is still one of the best ROI producing asset in digital marketing. And a very simple fact is your cant do email marketing without collecting email. Either that be from orders or newsletter forms. By using the email campaigns you can get users attention to your ongoing sales or anything special you want to offer. The very simple way to capture emails would be to offer something valuable in return, either that be a digital download or 15% off discount coupon to their newsletter. 

15. Use Upselling for related products

According to Shopify, upselling is about 20 times more effective than selling a new product to a customer. There would rarely be any successful business that is not using upselling in their strategies. It is simply selling more items that can be upgrades, add-ons or related items that can help with the existing product that is in the customer’s mind. Product protection, version upgrade, and customization are the most common upsell across the internet.  

16. Get the best of PPC ads with Ad Extensions

PPC ads on Google or bing will surely be in your checklist for eCommerce marketing. Now Search ads offer a special feature called Ad extensions which many of you must be aware of you. To get the best out of PPC ads, make sure you use it. It would cover more space in the SERPs and offer more chances that customer would click on your website’s link. Apart from that, you offer more categories and detailed options to searcher which again is beneficial in increasing CTR. 

ad extension example
Ad Extensions - Increase Website sales online

In the above example, Health XP has very well used the Ad Extensions feature. This helps them to cover more space in SERPs and also gives the opportunity to increase CTR as a customer can click on any Extension.

17. Keep the messaging same on ads and site

One of the biggest blunders people do while advertising on Facebook or Google is messaging inconsistency. People who clicked the ad did so to accomplish a specific objective provided in the ad. But when they reach the landing page, they find something different which in turn forces them to bounce off the page. This makes your ad spent wasted and the customer lost trust in you as well. In eCommerce when you go for ads make sure that you link to a particular product page that you are displaying in the ad. It becomes easy for the visitor to see all the information and hence, turn into a customer. Therefore, it is considered one of the best practices to increase website sales online.

18. Make the checkout process as simple as possible

As discussed in point #8 more and more cart items are being left abandoned at the last stage. A major reason for that is a complex checkout process. The more steps you will add to the check out process, the fewer potential customers will go through it. Keep the checkout as simple as possible. Try to keep it one page and hide other options until the first ones are filled, so that potential customer doesn’t get confused. For example, once the customer fills the details, then the payment form is available. Keep the Cart value always in front of the customer. As per the research of 1044 customers, 27% of carts are abandoned due to complicated checkouts. Find the complete details below.

reasons for cart abandonment - increase website sales online
Reasons for Cart abandonments during checkout - increase website sales online

19. Remove Navigation bar during checkout

This might seem a bit rude to a few people, but yes, it’s an amazing way to get more payments completed. The more opportunities you give to a visitor to go back from checkout the more likely they will. A Navigation bar disrupts the flow of checkout. By forcing users either to complete checkout or leave the website, you are making a smooth funnel to go through. Amazon uses it too!! Veggietales gained over 14% increase in revenue per user just by following the simple strategy. Rest is up to your niche, A/B test it and see the results!!

20. Use Popups to give final push

User is stuck at final stages thinking whether to proceed or not and then immediately gets a popups that he got an exclusive 10% off if he buys it now. What you think would be the reaction? In most of the cases, this would give them the push it was needed to complete the purchase. Congratulations, you got a new customer!!! Thats what popups are!! Delivering the right information at the right time.

That information is not necessarily discounts, you can ask them for their email if you find they are on the page for a while in exchange of some information that is not on the page. Hence, use popups to give your website sales a massive boost.

21. Create a sense of Urgency

Adding even a few moments of urgency just like the one above can get you to new heights. By using the strategy you can convert the people who were there on the website just to explore the product line, without any intention of buying at the moment. Urgency is the key to do it.  Some of the very common ways to do it by showing a limited amount of products, early delivery, huge discounts for a limited time and many more. Just like always, take an example of Amazon. The screenshot below for shows how they create urgency. Firstly the Price Discounts, Fast delivery and sold by Amazon.

how amazon creates urgency - increase website sales online

22. Offer free shipping

Probably the most expensive option for the company, yet very effective. If possible for you to deliver free shipments, that could be the best thing possible for the customer. Do you know, as per research by Acquisio, about 47% of people would leave the site if free shipping was not included. Now, that’s a very challenging problem. Its solution will be changed from company to company, hence you should figure it out on your own by discussing with the team. It would be a worthy decision for sure 🙂

23. Continuously test and update

After trying all these you must see which of these work for you, and keep trying A/B test with heading and copywrited text. If things are still not growing at the desired rate try to get some changes in the design maybe that’s a fault. In the end, it all comes to testing new things and seeing if they work or not. Perform the same for Design, Colors, Text and Ads.

This was our complete guide to Increase eCommerce website sales online in 2021. A Quick glimpse is given below. 

  1. Keep your Homepage as simple as possible
  2. Use Trusted signals so that customers can trust you more
  3. Use Video to explain your services
  4. Use Testimonials and case studies
  5. Live chat and contact options
  6. Offer Maximum payment options
  7. Invest in great product images
  8. Use Retargeting 
  9. Reach a new audience with lookalike audience
  10. Offer Freebies
  11. Use Tiered pricing
  12. Offer a solid money-back guarantee
  13. Mobile and page speed optimization
  14. Collect emails via a newsletter
  15. Use upselling for related products
  16. Get the best of PPC ads with Ad extensions
  17. Keep the messaging same on ads and site
  18. Make the checkout process as simple as possible
  19. Remove Navigation bar during checkout
  20. Use popups to give a final push
  21. Create a sense of urgency
  22. Offer free shipping
  23. Continuously test and update

If you feel something is left out please feel free to write in comments and give your suggestions on the Existing ones.

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