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“Shopify Alternatives in India”

India is witnessing an unpredictable boom in online shopping. This is due to the increasing rate of internet users in India in the last few years. Most people prefer shopping online, even for their basic daily needs. The internet has changed the style of purchasing as well as selling. Thus, businesses had to change accordingly. This led to the birth of e-commerce in India.

You might be the one who is trying to set up your online store. The first name that strikes your mind is maybe Shopify. However, there are certain alternatives as well. No doubts that Shopify is one of the best online store platforms. It is always a great practice to know about the best alternatives, in our case best Shopify alternatives in India. Let us start by analyzing the pros and cons of the platform.

Pros and Cons of Shopify

Shopify Pros

  • Easy to operate– Shopify is well known for its ease of operation. If you are a type of customer that suits its customer profile. You gonna love Shopify than any other platform.
  • Customer Service– Shopify has an amazing database for FAQs, chat support, email, along with phone support.
  • High Security– Shopify has staff that monitors their network 24/7. They can help you deal with any type of problem that arises.
  • Variety of themes and templets– There are over 1200 themes and templets that you can choose from. Which helps your e-commerce site to look elegant and professional.

Shopify Cons

  • Less Customisable– It only allows you to customise its functionalities up to a certain level, almost nil.
  • Poor CMS- It does not allow you to publish any blog or vlog on your site.
  • Pay for every advance feature- Spotify charges you for every add on functionality. Initially, it may not cost you much but will increase with time.
  • Additional fee- If you are not paying directly through Shopify in-house service, be ready to pay up to 2% of your every transaction.

So, now let’s talk about some of the best Shopify Alternatives in India. Please note that this list of purely based on our research and is in no specific order. Thus a platform on top may be as better as the platform on Bottom.

Big Commerce | Shopify Alternatives in India

Bigcommerce - Shopify Alternatives in India

If you want a frictionless experience and do not want to hustle much. Then Big Commerce is the perfect platform for you. Big Commerce provides the flexibility of drag and drop editor. This editor gives you the opportunity to add content anywhere to your site. This will give a one-point solution to your e-commerce site.

There are only seven free themes available on Big Commerce from all the industries. You have to pay for the premium one or other than these seven. The plans are between $29.95/month to $249.95/month. The amazing variety of comprehensive features makes Big Commerce an alternative to Shopify in India. It has the ability to manage your technical aspects at the backend of your e-commerce store, just like Shopify. Apart from all these customer support is available 24/7 through email, live chat, or phone calls.

Big Commerce is very easy to operate platform. All you have to do is add products to your site, integrate a payment gateway and you are ready to go. Once you finished with your initial set up you can focus on other things like marketing, promotions. You don’t have to waste your time in solving the issue, which may occur because of the technical glitches in the software.

Wix E-commerce

Wix- Shopify Alternatives in India

Wix provides you with everything you need for your e-commerce business. In a very easy to use interface. It is highly customizable with 100+ templates you can choose from. Seek editor gives a solution for new users and advanced users alike.

Wix basic package is of $5/month, the plan comes with 1GB Bandwidth and 500MB storage. The standard plan is of $16-50/month with 10GB Bandwidth and 20GB storage, some add-ons and a free domain. VIP plan is of $24-50 comes with unlimited traffic with amazing add-ons and features. Its VIP plan is cheaper than that of Shopify. Hence, making it as Strong Alternatives to Shopify in India.

You can set up your site in two ways on Wix. The first one is ADI, it’s more of automated intelligence. It suggests you a configured based on your answers asked in the questionnaire. The second is Wix Editor, It provides you with the full control and customization. This gives you the opportunity to place content anywhere on your site. It is integrated with various payment gateways as well.



If you are the person who mostly works on WordPress, then undoubtedly, Woo-Commerce is the best platform you can opt for. The seamless integration offered by WordPress is the factor that makes it a favourite for WordPress users. This plugin gives all the essential features for an e-commerce site. It Integrates with various payment gateways and the important thing is that it does not charge an extra card transaction fee.

Woo-Commerce functionalities can be increased by downloading extensions and other add-ons. Some add-ons that come with the plugin may charge you a specific price. And you have to pay for the add-ons along with the hosting for your WordPress.

With Woo-Commerce and some efforts, you can create a very mobile-friendly site. That can be used by any non-technical person. If your budget allows, you can further enhance your e-commerce with the two packages offered by woo-commerce. The first one is the product bundle, which will cost you around $49. It gives you the opportunity to encompass the multitude of products that you can sell. Resulting in an enhancement in your sales. The second one is Woo-Commerce Freshdesk. It will cost you around $79. Through this, you can provide customer support to your clients directly from your store.

3D Cart

3D Cart - Shopify Alternatives in India

Comes with 70+ gateways options and jam-packed with robust features, makes 3dcart one of the best alternatives to Shopify in India. It is a cloud-hosted shopping platform, thus providing ultimate product storage options and a highly secured platform. This makes product listing easy. Thus, making 3dcard a better platform to grow your business.

3dcart offers three different packages. Starting from the most affordable package which is just $9.99/month. You can add up to 25 products and 2,000 monthly visitors. After this, the package that comes is of @19.99/month with up to 200 products and 4,000 monthly visitors. And the last one is similar to Shopify, $35.99/months with up to 1000 products and 8,000 visitors per month.

You will enjoy using the in-house web design services and versatile services. And most importantly it does not charge you transaction fees at any level of service. But there a major drawback while using 3dcart. It offers a limit on the products. So, if you are willing to skyrocket past 1,000 products. Then 3dcart might not be the platform for your business.

Volusion | Shopify Alternatives in India


Volusion is almost 20 years old and is serving over 2,00,000 businesses. It is a cloud-based shopping cart, mostly used by persons with entry-level technical skills. It is better than Shopify in terms of transaction fees because it charges none. Even there are many out of the box features that Volusion offers for upselling, marketing, or product listing.

Pricing is based on the number of add-ons and plugins that you want on your site. The basic plan is $29/month with up to 100 products and 50k in sales. The standard plan is for professionals, which is $79/month with up to 5,000 products and 100k in sales. And the Advance plan (for businesses) is $299/month with up to 500k in sales.

If we talk about features, Volusion will beat Shopify. It is best for those, who know that what they want to achieve. But keep one thing in mind, Volusion needs some coding skills for setting its backend. So, either you have some knowledge about code or you have to hire a developer. Still, it is a tough competitor.


Magneto - Shopify Alternatives in India

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform. This means that it is not a full-service e-commerce builder like Shopify. Magento is best suitable for medium to large size businesses that have in-house programmers. It also allows you for advanced customization as far as you have technical knowledge (coding) or, you have to hire a developer.

If we talk about pricing, it’s more like Woo-Commerce. CMS is FREE but you have to pay for hosting, plugins, and themes as well. The enterprise edition with developers from Magento will cost you around $15k to $50k/year. Magneto will suit you if you have someone to develop for you and need a user-friendly backend. It would also be a great option if you have a well-established business and is looking for complete control over its e-commerce site and ready to invest in it.

Big Cartel | Shopify Alternatives in India

BigCartel Image

Artists and small scale businesses are the niche customers of Big cartel. This is due to its affordability, unlimited bandwidth, features and HTML and CSS customization. It comes integrated with Facebook, PayPal and Google Analytics. So, you don’t have to hustle much while setting up an account. Even if you don’t have any coding experience.

Big Carter comes with four plans. First one is a Gold plan, which is FREE for a month with up to 5 products. The second one is a Platinum plan, which is $9.99/month with up to 25 products. The third one is a Diamond plan, which is $19.99/month with up to 100 products. And, the last one is Titanium plan, which is $29.99/month with up to 300 products.

Big Cartel does not charge any transaction fee. It doesn’t offer an inventory search option. One problem with this platform is that it does not support any customer support like live chats or, phone calls. So, it is best suitable for small scale businesses with fewer products.


If you have a tight budget, PrestaShop is the best platform you can go with. As it is almost free, you just have to pay for the domain and the hosting like Woo-Commerce and Magento. Hence, it is also one of the best Alternatives to Shopify in India. The add-ons which come in PrestaShop are quite expensive. But you can enjoy its basic platform for FREE.

It Charges no additional transaction fees. It even supports 25 languages, unlimited products, multiple currencies, and abandoned card details. Its usability is as good as you can expect from a free basic platform.

The open-source platform is a bit tricky to handle as you should have the technical knowledge or have to hire a person with tech-skills. Free modules are limited in PrestaShop, but the premium one can perfectly build your e-commerce site.

Core Commerce

Core commerce- Shopify alternatives in india

Core Commerce is an inclusive platform yet easy to use and responsive as well. It provides responsive themes absolutely free of cost. It provides other amazing benefits as well such as no transaction charges, free shared SSL, access to various themes with basic features. The response of the support team is impressive. Core Commerce provides a step-by-step guide, so as to get started.

When we talk about its pricing it might not come up as a cheaper platform. Since its plans start from $39.99/ month to $199.99/month. Still, it may worth your needs as provides multilingual support, which is applicable to the worldwide audience.

Yo! Kart

Choosing a suitable platform to build multi-vendor marketplaces is of significant importance. This is where Yo! Kart comes into the picture. If you are someone looking to start an online marketplace instead of just an online store, then Yo! Kart is the perfect multi-vendor solution for you. It is a fully customizable and highly scalable eCommerce platform.

Unlike Shopify, Yo! Kart is a self-hosted solution and comes with one-time pricing, a fully owned license, zero transaction fees, and free technical support for 12 months. The platform comes with robust eCommerce features like advanced order management, tax & shipping management, abandoned cart recovery, multilingual & multi-currency functionality, etc.

Yo! Kart platform has been used by 1000+ businesses to build grocery, electronics, furniture, liquor, digital products marketplaces.

One Point Solution

You have gone through all the e-commerce platforms, beat Shopify, and all its alternatives in India. Do you think that any of these platforms provide you with one point solution to your needs? You have to pay for every single add-on, and even you have to hire a developer in case you don’t have tech skills. Even if you have technical knowledge you will not be able to focus on other aspects of your business like marketing. If some issue occurs then you have to contact the support team of that particular platform. This is a long process and does not guarantee that the problem will not appear again.

Don’t Worry! Dicorn Digital will help you to get a “one point solution” to your every problem. We will, not just build an e-commerce platform for your business. We will take care of the whole digital presence of your business. Starting from purchasing a domain name to build a full-featured website. And the services like basic SEO and 1-year maintenance and many more are FREE. You will not have to worry about your digital business. As we treat your business like ours and will work day & night on it.

Good Luck and Best wishes for your Online Store. Cheers!!

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