Best Practices for SEO for Doctors | Rank #1 in Google

Internet and Google are often considered as terms which are used as synonyms. Most of the customers any business wanna target can be found searching for services like them on search engines. Doctors and the health industry are no different. But the point is, are you using this opportunity in your favour or letting it go just as hundreds of thousands of other people competing in the industry. With just a single query there are dozens of doctors at the service of the searcher. Now the point is without proper and best practices for SEO can you outperform them? The answer is obviously NO!! That’s why we are here to discuss the best practices for SEO for Doctors to rank #1 in Google. 

How SEO for Doctors will help?

Most of the people are turning their faces towards search engines to look for a doctor than asking a neighbour for some suggestions on a good one. It means you as a doctor need to have your solid presence in front of them else you will be out of the race of this online world. It is an opportunity that can prove to be a game-changer for most of you. Few points that how SEO will help doctors are:-

  • Generate a great authority:- If your website or GMB listing is among the top results on the first page of Google, a very common and psychological signal is automatically sent to the brain of user to trust you more compared to anyone who is either at the later pages or not there at all. 
lower advertising costs - A benefit for SEO for Doctors
  • Lower Advertising Cost:- If you run any business or firm, ads are probably the most important part of getting new clients. There are two ways of advertisements, the original Traditional one and online. While traditional ads are expensive and short time results based, your spent on SEO for Doctors will be the most effective spent. With a lower cost, you can reach more people for a longer period of time. 
  • More Results compared to the standard situation:- As you will be in front of more target audience compared to a random audience whom you are not aware if they are interested in your services or not, you can be sure to get more targeted results. And it is a very obvious conclusion that if your audience is more targeted, you will get more and better results

Best SEO Practices for Doctors to rank #1 on Google!!

1. It all starts with a great, fast website

We know, it might seem quite obvious for you. But, we had to mention it since it is the very first step to have your SEO done. Without a website, it is very difficult to secure the top positions of Google. You can’t just be depended on directory listing websites for your online presence. Features that must be included in medical web design are appointment system, about page, achievements and Contact details.

Apart from designing point of view, there are other ranking factors as well which contribute a lot in User Experience(UX) point of view. Page speed, SSL certificate, and most important Mobile Friendliness are the points that you must take care of while having one for your business. 

2. Optimize for local search (Local SEO)

Now comes the most important part from where you will be most of your clients. People while searching expect Google to show them the best results, hence their queries are in the same direction. Some of them are “doctor near me”, “allergist in place”, “medical shop near me”. These kinds of searches are location-based and people prefer to pick up businesses from the Local SEO 3-pack i.e; the top 3 businesses which are inside the SERPs. Hence you Google my business listing needs to be the best in your niche in the region you want to operate. 

Apart from just GMB listings, you should also optimize your website with the keywords that are perfectly made for you. For example, if you are a dentist living in Gurugram, Delhi NCR, then your website must be optimized for keywords like “best dentist in gurugram”, “best dentist in Delhi NCR”, “dentist in Delhi NCR”, etc. Include your location in the Title tag, text and Footer of the page. 

3. Create Original content

One of the most important parts after having a website is to keep it updated. Google considers various factors while ranking your website and quality and recency of content is definitely one among them. Consider providing free and valuable information to your prospecting customers in form of visitors. A great blog will help you in doing so.

An ideal situation would be to add at least 1 blog each week to keep the site updated. Proper keyword research would help you to reach those sections of Internet readers which you can’t do by standard means. The more quality visitors you will gain over your website, the more exposure you will have for your skills.

Content is King in SEO
Content in King in Digital Marketing

4. Build high-quality backlinks | Best Practice for SEO for Doctors

How do you consider a product for buying when there are multiple variants available for you to shop? The more favourable reviews the product will have. Right? That’s exactly how search engines like Google search for quality content when there are tons of it available for them to Rank. 

We call it Backlinks. The more referenced your website will be by other sites who are related to yours, the more credibility you will gain. Few great ways to build them are Guest Posts on other authoritative websites, Infographics, participating in quality discussions and much more.

We know, it seems a hectic task to do all that stuff by yourself, that why we are here to help. Our SEO experts will help you to make the process simpler.

5. Create your profiles on Social Media pages

Social media platforms hold almost every person you ever wanna reach. What if your business is not found among those users. Embarrassing right? 

Make an analysis of all the platform where your potential customers might be. For ex:- Facebook is the first choice of every doctor to have a profile on. Snapchat contains the majority of young audience and hence would not be a good fit for you to be. Instagram is another great option. Take note to have an Active presence on Twitter as well. 

A great social presence gives your SEO campaign a big boost since all of these platforms are highly authoritative.  After all, you can always stay in touch with your patients with your posts.

These were the Best practices we consider for SEO for Doctors that are enough to Rank #1 on Google if done properly. 

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