Making Money was Never so Simple

Earn flat 15% of Each Sale you promote for us.

Some of the Benefits for our Partners

For Every Sale

Get a 15% Commision

This is the most basic and important support to our Affiliates for their help in promoting the word. Get a 15% commission of each project the client starts with us on your recommendation.

For Every Sale
On 5 Sales

Get an Letter of Recommendation and featured on our Website

The second milestone of Journey with us is when you successfully recommend 5 Clients about Dicorn Digital and they start their business with us. Get a Letter of Recommendation from us in order to support your professional life.

On 5 Sales
On 10 Sales

A Personalised Gift as a Token of Love

The most special moment that you will share with us. Get a personalised gift as a token of Love you provided by supporting us till here. Much more to come further.

On 10 Sales


How will i get paid?

You can get you payment to you by Bank Transfer to the bank account of your choice after the client has been successfully delivered the project.

Is there any limit to earnings and recommendations?

Nope, there are no limitations to the amount of money you can rank or number of clients you can successfully refer. 3 per month or 30 per month its all up to the amount of money you want to earn.

How do I learn how to approach?

After verifying you details, a dedicated account will be created for you containing major manuals and How to's. You can learn almost everything there. But still if any doubts left, Contact us directly. 

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